Welcome to a feature where I have imagined a question in order to make a post out of me answering that question. I have called this IQ, short for ‘Imaginary Questions’.

I once read a blog where this sort of post was called Frequently Unasked Questions, which looks good at first but then you realise how it reads when initialised

Anyway, let’s get started.

IQ: Can I launch a new blog with only one post on it?

No. It is best to have more than one post ready before you launch the blog publicly, so it looks like there’s some content on it, instead of it just being lots of wide open white space.
If you don’t have one ready, but you are itching to get the blog launched to the public so that it can get started and the adoring fans can start adoring, I suggest you might be able to make an extra space-filling post or two out of answering imaginary questions.

Thank you for your question.

2 thoughts on “skipped gear IQ

    1. Ah. If you read a few (and I see you have) you might get a hint of the complete lack of effort it takes, and therefore would probably make the feature right up your street. Although I’ll probably sue you.

      Welcome to new bryntinland… 😉

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