A short verse.
Although not quite as short as some of the short verses that have appeared here before when introduced as ‘a short verse’.
Still, fairly short.

my rational brain
pipes up and says
now, please thoughts
form an orderly queue
don't all rush in
at once
as usual
shouting for attention
otherwise I'll have to install
one of those
number ticket machines
and make you wait your turn
and disciplined

between pulses
a momentary hush
one thought pipes up
(there's always one)
'fuck that!'
and all hell breaks loose

new ideas
attack the to-do's
with impressive imagination
and tick marks
look for boxes
to hide in
an imposter runs about
shouting 'rumbled!'
and self-belief
believes him
and gives chase

self-esteem sighs
a resigned
sort of sigh
'this is why
you can never
be organised
for shit'
it tells me
I sigh too.

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