There’s more time on a Sunday. Well, I suppose there technically isn’t, but it’s definitely feels like there is.
I have used the apparently just-feels-like-there’s-more-available time to consider a slightly longer verse than the super-concise 575, and I have stretched to a 57577.

I know… imagine what I could do with a whole week.

Some people might call the form a ‘Tanka’. I’ve gone with 57577, to save anyone pedantic pointing out that, just by having the syllables arranged as such, isn’t really enough by itself to make it one.

likes without comment
empty follows without likes
the game of wordpress
upgrade! get more followers!
increase numbers! increase ours...

The above may be overly cynical. I’m sure WordPress do a lot of good things too, perhaps some apparently altruistic, but sometimes my experience of them over the last six or seven years feels, to me anyway, like it’s moved to being a little… focused on revenue?

Ah well, I’ll set my sensitivity level for ‘commercial badgering‘ to ‘ignore‘ and carry on, eh?

3 thoughts on “a sunday 57577: game

    1. Yep… in fact comments more than likes, which can come from a similarly robotic search algorithm… won’t change until WordPress make likes and follows only possible on your blog, or opening it to read in the reader, not from the reader post summary list.


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