Welcome to a feature where I have imagined a question in order to make a post out of me answering that question.

I have called this style of posts ‘IQ’, which is of course short for ‘Imaginary Questions’.

I once read a blog where this sort of post was called Frequently Unasked Questions, which looks good at first, but then you realise how it reads when initialised. I have no aversion to using initialisations otherwise, and I don’t expect anyone will get IQ confused with anything else.

The IQ’s could be about anything, but more often than not, they’re not.

Anyway, let’s get started.

IQ: Now that you have returned to calling yourself Bryntin again, will you be bringing back any of the regular things you used to do when you blogged under that name before?


Not even posting very silly, short and useless pieces, that seemed to be just there to fill some space, and possibly their only real purpose was entirely cynical–i.e., to have something show up on the WordPress reader that day so that it might catch some poor unfortunates eye–when you really weren’t that bothered about writing something new, or even good?


Thank you for your questions.

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