with many
two legs

John Cooper-Clarke
words full of snark
his legs so skinny
but his poetry is grinny

the rhymes are slicker
the emotion is a kicker
I'll never be as good
but my legs are thicker
John Cooper Clarke – Website

Sorry, I was just reading some of his stuff from his book, ‘The Luckiest Guy Alive’ last night, and the start of the above was in my head this morning.

8 thoughts on “legs

  1. I like your title a short verse with two legs……clever

    Sheesh! his legs are wafer thin….I’m glad yours have more meat on them…

    Jeez Bryn JCC, (Dr, sorry ) I married a Monster from Outer Space is scary stuff…give anyone nightmares……you do have one thing over JCC Dr. Bryn…..he doesn’t allow likes or comments on his stuff…

    Liked by 1 person

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