Some people might call the form a ‘Tanka’. I’ve gone with 57577, partly because once I’ve written this bit, I can just read it back when I’m writing the verse to remind me how I do it.

Now, I wonder what topical news story I might look at.


we followed his rules
then, marriage vow variant 
strikes in the office
money roping, aide groping, 
bad-for-health secretary

7 thoughts on “topical 57577; health

    1. All sorts of oddness going around. ‘vari’, and ‘vary’ alternative, in syllable counter, of course 2. Plus ‘ant’ = 3
      But, in, the whole line = 7, and ‘variant’ by itself = 2

      So I went with hoping no one was a nitpicker (3)


      1. You should know I’m a nitpicker. Yep. indeed says ‘variant’ is 2 syllables. But you try and say ‘iant’ in 1 syllable…you either end up biting your tongue or swallowing it……they gotta scientifically developed algorithm claiming that’s how we say it……beats me Bryn…gotta be an American site surely? ….my advice is ‘howmany……true blue British…say it like the Queen Bryn and ya can’t go wrong…I do go on


        1. Stopped using that one, found it buggy, kept making the web browser fall over… looks like it hasn’t been modernised since queenie said her first words…


    1. Flowed from me calling the PM ‘the Eton variant’ the other day… but just had to dispense with ‘meanwhile’ and change it to ‘then’ to satisfy the nitpicker who counted the syllables!! COUNTED! What do they want? Blood?… (to be fair, he had a point and was right…) 😉

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