I decided to use the ‘575’ titling for the verses which follow the 5-7-5 syllable construction. So, purists, pedants – and anybody else just having a grumpy bastard day – now can’t mutter about them not being a proper haiku or senryu, they’re just 575’s.

Unless your pronunciation of the words used is in some strange dialect, in which case, make up your own bloody formats.

cradling bloody nose
can be dangerous writing
such banging punchlines

3 thoughts on “a 575; banging

    1. Easier syllables this time, less ambiguity. Never trust my counting once I go over 5 though, I have to use the other hand and forget where I was.


      1. Yeah, it’s a bugger when you have to use two hands……you wait till you have to go beyond 10 and use your toes. Killer……. My 6-year-old does it all in his head….don’t know how he does it Bryn?…..


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