Welcome to a feature where I have imagined a question in order to make a post out of me answering that question.

I have called this style of posts ‘IQ’, which is of course short for ‘Imaginary Questions’.

I once read a blog where this sort of post was called Frequently Unasked Questions, which looks good at first but then you realise how it reads when initialised. I have no aversion to using initialisations otherwise, and I don’t expect anyone intelligent will get IQ confused with anything else.

The IQ’s could be about anything, but more often than not, they’re not.

Anyway, let’s get started.

IQ: You seem to post IQ type posts quite often. Aren’t you afraid that people will start to realise that reading any of them will generally be a waste of their time, won’t enrich their lives in any way whatsoever, and is generally just an admission by yourself that you don’t really have anything to say? Don’t you feel guilty about that? About wasting minutes of someone else’s life on the ultimately pointless commitment they have made, by investing their valuable time and energy into clicking on your post, reading it and finally finding out, if they do have the patience to read till the end, that it is a complete crock of shite?


Thank you for your question.

Well, questions.

I’ll check with the accounts department to see if we need to bill you for three.

2 thoughts on “skipped gear IQ; wasting time

  1. I think the questioner is being bit hard on you.

    Billy (class maths genius – can count up to 1,147 on fingers (and toes) in 2 minutes), Dauphine, Johnny and Mazie (class tech whiz), of Poet Don’s class, regularly read your posts and find them far from a load of poo.

    Billy started with abacus but found his digits worked faster. Boy wonder Bryn. We couldn’t do it…….

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