When you start a new blog, like this one, you start from a position of having nothing and reaching no one. Readers don’t know you and what you are about, so you at least need to include a brief introduction on your first post.

Hello, I’m bryntin, and I am often not quite in the right gear.

Also, more often than not, you are generally starting off by talking to yourself due to not having any followers or visitors at all.

What you mostly need, to give you a good flying start, is a few followers and likes for your brand new blog.

Luckily for you, I am here to help you with a number of easy fail-safe tips to help you get a few numbers to display on the followers widget–and a few avatar pictures on the post showing someone apparently liked what you did but in all probability they didn’t even read it.

  1. Choose a title for your blog post that purports to contain some answers to a question readers might have, for example “three easy tips to get Followers and Likes on a new blog
  2. Use numbers in your title to indicate you might have a number of tips to offer. Odd numbers are good, and a small odd number, like Three, can indicate that not that many brain operating cycles will be needed to get through the post.
  3. Use tags on your posts which are guaranteed to get you followers from the target groups of insecure needy people and automated blog-following and liking software, known as ‘bots’. Your post does not have to contain anything about the tagged subject as bots don’t actually read your post.

    The most useful tags are:
    blogging’ – bloggers often have no idea what they are doing, so are normally hungry to read anything that is titled with ‘Easy’, ‘Blog’ and ‘Tips’ in the title.

    ‘writing’ – see above, but substitute ‘bloggers’ for ‘writers’, as there is a difference between those of us who are just messing about for fun and those that take themselves more seriously.

    For example, writers blogs can often be identified them using the initialisation ‘WIP’ a lot, to indicate they are proper serious writers, and they currently are ‘working’ on something, so it is a ‘Work In Progress’. If you visit this blog once a year, it will still be the same ‘work’ that is ‘in progress’ as the last time you visited.

    In reality, they are most often just procrastinating, and normally obsessed with reading about how other people write and finding tips on how to manage everything better themselves, instead of just writing. They will likely gravitate towards your tag like crumbs to a keyboard.

    ‘weight loss’ – guaranteed followers from the fitness, nutrition and vitamin selling communities, and don’t worry, they won’t come back to see if you have been successful with your weight loss efforts that you didn’t even write about in the first place.

    ‘lifestyle’ – likely to gain you followings from yoga teachers, wellness, positive thinking and mindfulness gurus and various healthy eating practitioners–or at least, promoters of same.

    ‘investment’ – guaranteed bot interest as it targets people who want easy riches and are gullible. Again, no need to actually know, want to know, or write anything about the subject–just using the tag gets you many follows.

    ‘SEO’ – I have no idea what that is, but there are a lot of people that do who cast their automated Follow nets wide to find other people who might love to know about it.

  4. Bonus Tip! Provide an extra unexpected tip for free, to give any readers the impression they are getting slightly more than what they came for.

So there we have some useful tips for gaining new followers. As I am pretty new here, I am currently talking to myself, but I am going to follow the tips I just made up to see how effective it is.

In a future article, I will give some tips for gaining readers, which is an entirely different thing. First, I have to get some, and then I can tell you what I’ve learned.

UPDATE: It works! Since originally posting this article, with the tags suggested, I have likes from accounts like this.

And followers like this:

Good, solid, easy to please followers for the blog, to get the numbers really moving.

10 thoughts on “three easy tips to get Followers and Likes on a new blog

  1. I love your stuff, bryntin. It’s always either thought-provoking or humorous. Sometimes both! Here, I particularly enjoyed the self-referential #1; it was both funny and had me wondering how many folk might read it and not twig.

    On the subject of headlines: for a while I experimented with an online headline generator that created titles of the form ‘X easy ways to accomplish Y’ and suchlike, based on user-entered keywords. But they don’t work for me; I tend to avoid headlines of that type unless I have a particular interest in the topic, because I’ve found that, more often than not, they feature, um, what’s the word, ‘disingenuous’? content.

    I have of late begun to use this free headline analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute, though. I treat the ‘scores’ it comes up with a pinch of salt (I even found a headline that claimed to be ‘125%’, and I wrote them about it, but, unsurprisingly, got no reply). It may be my inherent cynicism, but part of me does wonder whether it’s a trap, and that behind the scenes they’re logging the strings that its users put in for their own nefarious purposes. I’m still using it, though, as it does make me think harder about my word choice. Titles are, after all, pretty important.


    1. ‘Important’ depends on whether you are counting things like amount of readers or page impressions, whatever, as a type of success. It’s like GDP, just measures some metric that seems important because someone measures it and crows about it, but it’s not really.
      I really, absolutely honestly do not give a crap about numbers and measures like that, so none of these efforts to gain and maintain some sort of popularity, reader numbers, whatever, or somehow increase it by whatever means, make a blind bit of difference to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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