Just for a change, we have a GQ on skipped gear. I normally have to imagine questions, because there aren’t any readers asking any. However, a genuine comment appeared on my last post–from a genuine reader–and it included a question.

(In case you were wondering, the title says GQ, which stands for a Genuine Question, as opposed to an IQ being an Imaginary Question.)

donmatthewspoetry asked “By the way, haven’t heard from you for a while? Hope you haven’t had trouble with your gears slipping again?……

Admittedly the actual question is implied, and probably really is ‘Where the hell have you been?’

It is quite nice to be missed, even if it is by only one reader. I’m sure the other four readers will say they have missed me posting recently too.

Anyway, I shall answer the question pictorially.

bryntin normally is this:

I am driving this car. My blog is relatively new, and most days present me with a wide world of creative possibilities, to drive along, exploring happily wherever I will. Because my mind is a fruitful and fizzing fountain of fanciful fabrications. And a lot of other bollocks. Admittedly, my creative roads do tend to have a few more unexpected turn-offs to explore than this one appears to have.

But, for the last month…

Crushing defeat for poachers as seized car is destroyed ...

I am in this car.

There is a distinct possibility that the pink thing up my nose is my right-foot’s big toe. There may still be a wide and wondrous world outside but I have no idea where the door handle might be, or indeed where my hand is, in order to extricate myself. And it’s dark.

This is obviously a metaphor. I am not really in either car.

But it does illustrate how my energy levels determine the creative energy–or any other sort of energy–that is available in my head when I am in the grip of an MS lull. An attack normally comes with a exceptionally high level of ‘can’t be bothered, leave me alone, I want to go to sleep‘. And at these times, using devices with screens is highly wearying to me, and thinking what word comes next is hard enough–commonly resulting in sentences like ‘I’d love a cup of…. thing?’–let alone creating silly verses and stuff for here.

And to be honest, over the last month, I have had to choose spending my increasingly sparse energy resources on managing what real life I can. In particular, staying awake and alert enough to do the job which pays my wages on the days when I have to do that.

There are signs a return might be possible soon. I can feel some fresh air coming in as a draught up my left trouser leg. If I can find my legs, I might get out soon.

But at least I haven’t deleted the blog entirely this time.

Thank you for your question, Don.

15 thoughts on “skipped gear GQ; where?

  1. Arise oh Bryn. Take the highway of life stretching out before you…..

    Despite missing a few cogs your motor will get you there. believe in your motor……

    Your brain is also working well Bryn for five F alliterations, Believe in yourself. You can do it…..

    What other twaddle can you think up Don?…….


    Thankyou for your answer……

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    1. Thanks donmatth (I have decided that I am also going to take 50% off your name as you do with mine. Where exactly to do this was made slightly more difficult by ‘donmatthewspoetry’ being 17 letters, so I have gone with dividing it at the 8th letter rather than the 9th.)


        1. I do appreciate that, thank you. I’m very much not bothered by having a volume of followers really – it’s just a lark. But do I still get a pang of anxiety that there are a few of you, who occasionally invest their time reading my nonsense, that I let down when I have to leave a big gap suddenly…
          Anyway, me disappearing has happened before (a lot), so enjoy it while you can, and mourn the tragedy when it happens. 😉


          1. The volume of followers is not what counts. It’s those who read and show their appreciation what counts. Because I write nonsense myself I am naturally drawn to those like me. The like attracts like principle.

            Just don’t lose too many cogs and come to a grinding halt. Replacement cogs may be unavailable anymore…….


  2. It’s a long road—sometimes it’s good to pull over for a little while. I always miss you when you’re gone and always happy when you’re back even if my own road has me driving in heavy traffic 😊

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  3. See when you’re in a similar car you don’t even know what you’ve been missing! Sorry. That bothers me sometimes but you know I relate to the perils of the screen. I don’t know how I managed to hold a job as long as I have with that issue but… my official last day in the workforce is Sept. 3 (finally) and we’ll see what that does for me. By your latest post you’re hitting some open road so I raise my cup of… thing to you. Cheers!

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