I’ve often fou… thought… that every time I read the word ‘meritocracy’ used in some Government minister’s speech or newspaper article, that it would would be generally more accurate, especially for the present UK political leadership, if they were to replace it with ‘heritocracy’.

heritocracy – a Goverment consisting of people whose parents could afford to send them to the sort of schools where they mixed with the other children of people who could also afford to send their children to those schools and therafter proceeded to make the sorts of friends and enjoy all of the advantages and privileges denied to the majority of the population by most of us not being born into that sort of family. For example, being given a job being a columnist for a national newspaper, despite not having shown any competency in stringing a coherent sentence together, or indeed be generally bothered by making sure your column contains any truth, but just because your Dad is mates with the proprietor of that newspaper.

Then, when in Government, they proceed to make out they got into their position there through their own hard work and make out you can too, by virtue of application, aptitude and dedication–merit–whereas, in fact, they wouldn’t be where they are without making use of the connections and friend network created from enjoying their inherited priveleges and advantages–herit, as in ‘inherited’–and not have to bother with the actual aptitude and application part.

7 thoughts on “flippant flying friday fought… sorry… thought

  1. I really have no idea why this word is not in the OED. We’ll have to fix that; it’ll be a lot easier than dismantling the political structure itself… though we‘ll also have to do that.

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