The last time I posted a 575 type verse, it attracted a few ‘likes’.

I know, yes, me too.

On this occasion, one of them was from the author of a blog called Naturalist Weekly, and as is often the case with likes, I clicked on the avatar to see if it came from somewhere that wasn’t selling vitamins, offering magic weight loss tips, pyramid investment schemes or was, unusually, simply a real person and was worth reading. And this one was very much the latter.

Once at the blog, and out of curiosity, I clicked on the post ‘Haiku as a Nature Connection Practice’.
It mainly attracted my eye because it looked to be relevant to my 575 posts, in that it was an interesting explanation of both what proper Haiku verses could be, and how proper ones could be written by connecting with nature, which I am a great fan of.

Mark credited a Haiku Foundation article in his post, and that had a link, so I clicked that one too. In reading this, there was a biography of the author of the piece, Julie Bloss Kelsey, which mentioned that she had previously written ‘scifaiku’.



I had an idea what it could be. Of course, me having no idea is obviously a more common occurrence, but I thought I had a pretty good handle on the old Japanese-style minimal-but-profound verse variants. Although I obviously don’t do the profound ones myself. Or even sensible ones. But I have minimal sorted.

Anyway, this scifaiku is such a thing that it’s got a Wikipedia page. Which I guess makes it official, perhaps even until tomorrow if it’s still there then.

So what’s a scifaiku?

SciFaiku is a form of poetry inspired by the Japanese haiku, also sometimes known as scifi-ku or scifiku. SciFaiku poems are short, minimal poems about science and science-fiction topics

From <>

So, having discovered this is ‘a thing’, I’ve got to have a go at a scifaiku haven’t I?

the red planet broods
little green men everywhere
bloody daytrippers

Anyway, this name for the verse subgenre obviously works from the fact that the ‘Sci’ part of ‘SciFi’ sounds similar to the ‘Hai’ in haiku. And it got me to thinking there would perhaps be other forms of haiku that would work for this treatment.

So here’s a HiFiku.

my valves glowing red
give my volume knob a twist
goes to eleven

and a lofiku

homemade recordings
dark fuzzy delights until
mum makes me clean up

or an I-spyku…

with my little eye
something beginning with t
yes,I'd love a cup

the do or dieku?

let's make this leap from
two miles high interesting
share a parachute?

Feel free to invent your own.

gather in around
curvey special ratio
circles gauged with squares


batter is crispy
the chips thick and plentiful
fish supper heaven

That was a deepfryku

Yes, OK, I’ll stop now.


22 thoughts on “575: a variety pack

      1. Hah! Well thank you looking in Julie, I hope you didn’t mind my somewhat tongue-in-cheek variations on the theme. I went with ‘575’ for all my haiku-type verses, saved me having to think of names for all the sub-genres!
        I have found the Scifaikuest site and will beam up there shortly.


    1. I live in a wild and natural part of the country, which is sadly hard to find in the UK now, so I am thankfully still mostly connected to it. And accordingly angry when ‘rich’ humanity is not similarly appreciative of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Little Biily (who can count to 100 on his toes) wants to have a go Bryn. I told him it better be good and not 475. Mister Bryn runs a tight ship and his commenters are all haiku specialists. Don’t let them down…..

    ‘Moonku’ by Billy

    I smile at the man
    He smiles and waves back at me
    We both best buddies

    Gosh Bryn doesn’t that melt your heart? Haven’t had the heart to tell him he’s just waving at craters. Never destroy a child’s imagination.(not said in jest).

    Billy wants to know why you haven’t pressed the ‘like’ on your post. Don’t you like it he asks?

    Seriously from me – you’ve put a lot of creative effort into this one. Well done…..

    Liked by 2 people

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