be still again
quiet waters

I am sorry
I disturbed your calm
with that pebble
that I threw in

that broke through
the mirrored meniscus
of your hushed surface
causing my dog
to create so much
turning and churning
in your silent depths
by chasing that pebble

and her little legs
could no longer touch
the safety of the seabed

and she became
something like a manic mop head
caught on a propellor
as she found herself
struggling with
your unseen undertows

causing that big angler
to jump in off the pier
to try to save her
but stupidly
as your hidden currents
carried him away
for about half a mile

with him shouting
with a face
full of frightened fur
and scratching claws
as he struggled
against your irresistible pull
holding my dog

and once again
your surface broken
like a rolling boil
behind the arrival
of the lifeboat
jetting across your surface
its swelling wake
unbalancing the windsurfers
who fell into your grasp

your flat calm now
a windblown whirlpool
by the time the coastguards helicopter
hovered above
in slate grey skies
and the winchman
jumped in from high
with a splash
to help save everyone

one by one
so it took
quite a long time

so be still again
quiet waters
I am sorry I disturbed
your calm
with that pebble I threw in  

15 thoughts on “verse: pebble

          1. Let me have go at doing a serious verse about a poor little pebble

            Oh little pebble (oft called rock)
            Picked up outside my door
            I fling you o’er the mirrored lake
            You skim, one two, three four

            Then sink to the bottom

            glug glug glug……

            Don’t laugh Bryn this is a serious poem.


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