Welcome to a feature where I have imagined a question in order to make a post out of me answering that question.

I have called this style of posts ‘IQ’, which is of course short for ‘Imaginary Questions’.

Not FUQ, which stands for Frequently Unasked Questions

Or indeed FUQOFF, which is just just me being rude and surprisingly doesn’t stand for anything. Not even Frequently Upset Quadrumanous Orangutans Feeling Frisky

The IQ’s could be about anything, but more often than not, they’re not.

Anyway, let’s get started.

IQ: Oh look. It’s Thursday so you’ve got an IQ post.

That sounded a bit like sarcasm. Have you got a question?

IQ: No. You can’t even be bothered to imagine one.

Well, that’s a bit of a turnaround.

IQ: Yes.

12 thoughts on “skipped gear IQ; bother

      1. I find the WP Calendar confusing . I work by the Neolithic Calendar. Much simpler. No leap years. No adjustment for daylight saving. Every day’s a holiday. And every day is Monday. Named after that great Neolithian Mon. You haven’t heard of him? Which school did you go to Bryn?…….


          1. Interesting you mention Stonehenge bryn. This ancient piece of clockwork was used as the basis for constructing the Neolithic calendar. Didn’t know that did ya?………


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