I was perusing my site to see what small improvements I could make. To begin with, I quickly realised that I would probably need to upgrade the target for improvements, from small improvements to large improvements. I’ve started with the IQ feature.

Welcome to a new version of the skipped gear IQ’s. As a completely new version, I thought it warranted having a completely fresh, crisp and clean preamble, instead of copying and pasting the same old one in, over and over again. And this is it.

Of course, if this is now the third in the series you are reading, that intention might not have lasted well.

Man pondering the big questions. Like ‘I wonder if that noisy tosser behind me with the camera has gone yet?’

The main difference between the old IQ feature and the all new IQ feature is the type of questions, which have always been up to now, as regular readers know, Imaginary Questions. With this completely revamped format (one of my most successful features in fact, one post had more than three views, none of which was my Mum) I have made some changes and upgraded the feature to give it a new status on the site.

So welcome to skipped gear IQ, where the IQ stands for

‘Interesting Questions’.

As the title suggests, these questions are more interesting than the imaginary ones. But they’re still imaginary. Of course, some might argue about exactly how interesting they actually are as well, but I can happily assure readers that a very interesting thing about this revamp is that the word interesting also starts with an ‘i’.

I have also been working on my answers, which have previously been succinct, so I think they will be recognisably more expansive for these more interesting questions. And one of the areas I identified for improvements was that, as I have previously not written about myself specifically, readers would probably be interested to know what sort of a person writes this sort of rubbish, so I hope that some fresh insight into bryntin will be interesting for you.

Right, let’s crack on then.

IQ: I have noticed you mention tea quite a lot. Do you prefer tea over coffee?

Ah, interesting question.

IQ: It was in the brief.

Of course. Yes. Well, in the mornings, I am a coffee man. When I say mornings, I mean straight from the start, after my good regular bowel movement at about 6.30am of course, so from 7am, a mug of proper strong coffee to accompany my breakfast. When I have finished that, I normally make another one. I have my coffee in a french press mug, it’s thermal so stays hot for a long time, you make your coffee from measuring ground coffee in the mug, pouring your hot water straight on, and then put this sliding filter press thing on top, press down for filter when ready and it’s good coffee to drink straight out of that same mug. It suits me while sat at my computer and firing up my system in the mornings. Because of the thermal bit, just two cups of coffee can take me to 10.30am, I don’t have to guzzle it down before it gets too cold and keep making fresh hot ones.

IQ: Umm…

Hold on, I haven’t got to explaining tea. So anyway, I am mindful of my caffeine intake–I have my coffee black and strong–so if I still want another hot drink to keep me going after those two coffees, I usually go for a rooibos tea, because that’s naturally caffeine free, you see? I recently changed to loose leaf teas, so I have a good selection of different types that suit me at different times of the day. And I swapped to drinking teas without milk when I changed to these proper teas, I mean you can try it at first if you’re nervous about going without milk but I think it just ruins the reason for having teas in the first place, I mean, would you add coke to wine? No, all you’d taste is something… well that’d probably be quite disgusting actually. I don’t even get why anyone thinks that’s the way tea is at it’s best anyway, with milk in it I mean… like how did anyone think these disparate things went together anyway? ‘Oooh, what a lovely drink… except let’s put the liquid from a cows mammary glands in to make it more acceptable to our twee tastes… and we don’t like to see anything black of course, unless it’s a slave, so it will make it whiter…‘ Bloody Victorians, they’re responsible for a lot of messed-up shit…

IQ: Can you please bear in mind that this is meant to be interesting… and not a rant.

Well, it is, I had no idea there where so many teas to try. I found this local tea and coffee shop that does their own blends, and gives you tasting notes and tips for brewing. I have different types of diffusers for the different leaf sizes, rooibos for instance is a very fine leaf size, whereas some of the green or even white teas, you don’t have to have such a fine filter on it. There are some they call gunpowder tea, so the whole leaves are rolled up into little balls and doesn’t look much when you put a spoonful in your diffuser, then once brewed, they unfurl and you’ve got this mini-forest bursting out of the filter. It’s like cooking spinach in reverse. So in the afternoons it’s normally a more robust black tea blend, they do a great one with tiny bits of dried lemon zest in it for a bit of a zing–not to a fruit tea level, they’re disgusting, just a hint of the zing of lemon. I think the fruit tea thing is because I am not a sweet taste fan, after going without sugar in or on anything for years now, my sensitivity to added sugars in processed and manufactured things is like a super-power now. Or curse, given how much is in things… Anyway, then in the evenings after dinner, a light green tea. I used to have more coffee in the evenings, but too much strong coffee before bed was playing havoc with my waterworks and…

IQ: Stop. That’ll do. Please.

I haven’t finished, this was an interesting question. The story of how Lapsang Souchong came about is really…

IQ: You really are quite boring in real life aren’t you?


IQ: That’s more like it.

13 thoughts on “the all new skipped gear IQ: tea and coffee

    1. I had to look up the Choysa, not found here… although with our post-brexit ‘happy to do trade deals with anyone we can find to exploit us because we’re that desperate now’ mindset, it might not be long before it is.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Here Choysa’s s your standard- bog standard- EverymanWomanAndChild steaming offering. There’s better, but as an early morning budget eye-opener it does me well enough- hey, don’t denigrate me, I know I’m a man of poor taste.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I used to want to run a tea house, and may do that in my new retired life (which started yesterday; now to find an affluent business partner…) If I do, I will definitely be sure to relate the steeping of gunpowder tea to cooking spinach in reverse. That ought to narrow the customers down to the sort I want to deal with. The place will probably close in three weeks. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, congrats on the retirement, Sun, hopefully an agreeable pace change and more room for looking after yourself. And possibly looking after customers… either Popeye or tea enthusiasts. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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