My favourite dog walk, a view out over the Atlantic ocean leading into the Bristol Channel. Probably my dog’s favourite too, given the high rabbit and small mammal population, needing both sniffing out then chasing. On a good day you can see out to sea and the island of Lundy on the horizon. But today isn’t a good day, so you can’t even see the sea, let alone the island of Lundy.

These are the ruins of a shelter building of some sort, built in a traditional dry wall construction, for livestock to huddle in when the rain is horizontal and the wind can blow you off your hooves. The sort of day that, when off for the daily walk, I tell my wife I’m just going out to fly the dog.

It also houses a Lucozade bottle.

This bottle weighs about 4 grams, yet the human that finished the contents (when the bottle was at its heaviest) couldn’t be bothered to carry it back to wherever they came from to be here. But not only that, the ‘disposal’ of this bottle, wedged into a couple of stones on a dry wall, must have been more considered than the simple drop it or throw it into a hedge that is more commonly observed.

“I have finished my drink. I will wedge the empty bottle into this wall. This way, somehow, in my tiny brain, I consider this to be less obviously careless than simply tossing the bottle into a hedge. Observe how I am carefully making sure that it is forced in between two stones in this wall, where people will be stopping to admire the view. I will do this consciously and with some effort applied, I am thinking this through, deliberately, to make sure it is stuck in there and not liable to just be blown away or washed out, because it then would become common litter… and I am obviously better than that… some sort of litter fairy will happen by and clear it up I expect…”

Yeah, OK, they were right on that score, I took it home and put it in the proper recycling bin.

And this is, mostly, why humanity is doomed. There are too many of them that think like this. Use what you want, let someone else clear up after you.

8 thoughts on “things that annoy me – number 1 of 4,287

  1. We went kayaking yesterday and there was an empty pizza box at the edge of the river where we launch. People are so ignorant. But seriously, who takes a pizza with them to go kayaking?!

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  2. Heads-up: there’s a problem with the two images on this post – neither are rendering here. They seem to be on some Go ogle server (I have to ask: why? what’s wrong with plonking them in your WordPress media library? – if the answer to that is ‘no room left’, then I think you may be interested in a post I have planned, possibly for next Tuesday, though it may be delayed.)

    This comment was brought to you courtesy of ?Random Raiders! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for that, how is it now?
      I used the WordPress-provided block editor facility of adding an image from my google photos, and it shows fine in all my browsers, even the ones on my tablet computer or phone when not signed in to my WordPress account (i.e. as anyone else would be).
      **STOP PRESS ** Worked it out, had turned off sharing permission to WordPress in Google account, can’t remember why, possibly one of my paranoid moments when depressed… Anyway, have added these ones to the media library… thanks for ?RandomRaiders spot…

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          1. I will have deleted the blog long before filling the media storage up…. but yes, I can resize it much smaller, this was just an instant without-much-thought cure in response to your pointing out the problem at first really. Posting images embedded from the Google or other servers of course take no WordPress storage, so it was fine how I had it (with permissions renewed) until you meddling kids got involved… 😉

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