Welcome to a new version of the skipped gear IQ’s. As a completely new version of the feature, I thought it warranted having a new, fresh, crisp and clean preamble, instead of copying and pasting the same fusty old one in, over and over again. And this is it.

Of course, if this is now the seventeenth in the series you are reading and this text seems strangely familiar, that intention might have already gone to cock.

The three people that read the last IQ post know that I changed the format of questions asked, from Imaginary to Interesting. This made the feature ‘all new’. Unfortunately, it actually revealed a hitherto unknown aspect of myself to you, in that I am in fact not very interesting. So this time I have reverted to using an Imaginary Question. This hides the fact I am not very interesting, but shows I can imagine all sorts of rubbish while I’m not being interesting.

Boring illustration

This may also cause a few pedants to wonder if in fact the feature is still ‘all new’, to which my answer is of course it is, compared to the last time it was ‘all new’, if not to the many times before that. But I’m not really expecting excruciatingly up-themselves pedants to have even got over the title of the posts throughout my blog not using ‘proper’ title case anyway, or it interchangeably and inconsistently utilising hyphens, colons and semi-colons in them too, which has been done deliberately since it began, so your probably not one if your* still here.

Incidentally, I can recommend, to any writers struggling with a lack of ideas, that writing an Imaginary Question post is a great way to get the old (or perhaps, in your case, young) thought process and typing fingers going. I seem to have come up with a lot of words for this post so far, although I still have no idea what the question I’m going to ask myself is. In fact, like you probably, I am wondering where the hell this is going or if it will ever end.

It’s possibly a form of procrastination. But it’s more likely that, in common with the rest of my life, I don’t know what I’m doing and I keep bluffing and bumbling until something that might pass for an acceptable standard of competence occurs to me. Much like the British Prime Minister in fact, but not generally in a speech to the collected members of the United Nations.

All I know is, I had the feeling I wanted to write something today, and I would like it to be interesting and funny, and I’m going to keep going now until at least one of the two things happens, not just get to the end and everyone is as disappointed as usual.

And I can only imagine the disappointment of the imaginary people.

By the way, to get the full flavour of the IQ series so far –if you want to catch up on all the exciting topics I have covered with it– you can have a look at the previous scintillating posts by clicking the category IQ’s.

But I wouldn’t if I were you. You know how you find that disclaimer on financial investments that that investments can go down as well as up? Yes, that.

Anyway, look at me, forgetting my manners. Cup of tea?

OK, the time has come. A question, imaginary, one for the answering of.

IQ: Do you plan out your blog posts in advance?

Oh yes, meticulously and in quite some detail.

*Yes, I know, that was just to root out any particularly tenacious buggers.

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