the Government said I shouldn’t
but I’m not a bloody fool
so fuelled by a sensible panic
I panic bought my fuel

they’re not running out of petrol

just clinging to stupid ideas
they’ve made great britain so hostile
it breaks on fragile fears

NB: The above verse is not autobiographical as I can smugly drive past the queues, tutting at all the poor misinformed souls from my electric car. At least, until we start rationing electricity in the next few weeks…

7 thoughts on “verse: fragile

  1. I’m a bit behind on world news that isn’t plague-related, but this is a Brexit thing, right? You would think everyone would have learned how not to handle these sorts of situations after the Great Toilet Paper Panic Buy of 2020 (… multiple panic buys of 2020. And 2021. And any time there’s a lockdown. Or threat of a lockdown. Or someone coughs).

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