Welcome to the first October 2021 edition of the skipped gear IQ, a feature where I have imagined a question to ask myself as a lazy excuse for a post, and as an entertaining alternative to just knocking off a quick 575 haiku-type verse like this one.

Writing haiku posts
normally the minimum
amount of bother

I tried an ‘interesting questions’ IQ format, but to be honest, the question wasn’t any more interesting than an imaginary question. I still had to put some effort into imagining both the question and the answer, and after all that the whole thing still wasn’t very interesting anyway.

So, I’ve gone back to having ‘imaginary question’ IQ’s, so there’s no pretence of even trying to be interesting any more.

You may think that it’s easy to come up with imaginary questions, but very often I write all of the above before I even get to the question asking part of the post, then a question comes to me as I’m writing, if I’m lucky.

If one doesn’t come in time, I just keep aimlessly waffling on, adding extra sentences, or even whole pointless paragraphs, until it does. Generally those sentences or paragraphs are quite easy to spot, because you suddenly find yourself at the end of them thinking to yourself ‘Well, what was the point of that bit? Did it tell me anything? Was it just waffle?

If things are really tricky, I’ll just go off and have a cup of tea or go in the garden to do some weeding, and you, dear reader, will have no idea that an hour or two has elapsed since the last paragraph was written.

And if that didn’t work, there wouldn’t be a post here at all.


Time for today’s question.

IQ: Do you ever have more than one question in your imaginary question posts?

Oh yes.

IQ: So sometimes there are two?

I think there have been some posts when a follow-up has been squeezed in.

IQ: Three?

Oh hang on… I can see what you’re doing here…

IQ: Four?

That’s it. We’re finished.

IQ: But I’m your imagination and I’m really getting going with this now.

You’re just counting!

IQ: You’re just rambling to fill up space! You don’t have to imagine me. In fact, you probably shouldn’t bother to write at all.

Ah. Fair enough.
Shall we do a haiku instead?

IQ: You did one at the top.

Oh yes, so I did…
Well the rest of the post is kind of a waste of time really isn’t it?

IQ: Who’s doing the questions now?

Bloody hell, this is getting complicated.

Time for another cuppa I think.

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