Welcome to the skipped gear IQ. This is the first paragraph, where I normally write an explanation of the skipped gear IQ posts as if I am explaining what’s going on here for any first-time readers that are new to the blog, when in fact there are normally no new readers at all and it is pretty much wasted on you masochists that are always here anyway.

If you are a new reader, please read a few previous IQ posts here. That’ll get you in the know and in the mood – or at least, a mood – and thank you for reading at least this far before you go. All you need to know, if you don’t fancy doing that, is that IQ stands for ‘Imaginary Questions’, which I expect you figured out for yourselves as it’s so obvious anyway.

Recently I have written a lot of words before the actual IQ, as it took a long time while I was writing the post to come up with the question I was going to ask myself by the end of it, but this time I had the question in mind already, so today we can get straight on with it. All I have to do is find the notebook I wrote it down in.

OK, thanks to the handy scientific property of the words on a page showing no indication of the time that has elapsed between you reading and them being written, here is today’s relatively instant-as-far-as-you-are-concerned IQ.

IQ: I would be interested to learn how you arrived at the avatar you use on WordPress. A lot of people use a picture of themselves, but you have just a simple shape and a whitewashed brick wall for yours. What’s going on with that?

Well, I couldn’t really use a picture of my face, so my gravatar is a meaningful metaphor for the character of bryntin.

Because a picture of me isn’t of bryntin, it’s of me.

Although I am effectively bryntin.

It’s complicated.

Anyway, I’m both simple and a shape, and my posts are trying to whitewash over the simple ‘thick as a brick’ basic reality. Which is a clever answer which whitewashes over the fact I just thought it looked kind of minimal, distinctive and cool, and I hadn’t really thought about it, or ascribed it any further psychological depth, until you asked. Which is how art criticism works I think.

IQ: There appears to be some really small text in the bottom of the hexagon. Why a hexagon and what does it say there?

Ah, I was drawn to a hexagon when I err.. drew it, as it’s a simple shape that occurs so often in nature… think honeycombs and Giants Causeway etc., (further explanation here). So it’s a kind of a nod to my love of nature, and also, by virtue of being the shape that is the most efficient use of the least material, apt.

IQ: And that text?

Yes, let’s zoom in on that, to show readers the limitless extent of my childishness. It has been there for all to see, if anyone bothered to look, for about six months now. I had this idea that someone might have thought they could see some text there, so curiosity getting to them, would put the image in some imaging software. Then they’d zoom in closer and closer into it until it was legible… and then…

‘I expect you were hoping that this text said something really interesting’

IQ: Thank you for explaining the joke, which will certainly render it unfunny forever, even if it was ever funny to anyone but you in your stupid tiny little mind anyway.

You’re welcome. Was it funny?

IQ: No.

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