This blog normally supplies a steady, water-torture like drip of nonsense, seemingly disconnected from the real world. Sometimes there is a blockage in the gutter which is ranty-shaped and interrupting the flow.

overflow posts are not really the normal staple for here, but are satisfying a need to get a good old moan out of my head and into some resemblance of logical sentences, which will hopefully have the same effect as standing on the ladder and scooping the built-up dams made from leaf mould and moss out of the gutters, hopefully enabling the water-torture device to restart.

In short, I have no friends and am not keen on going outdoors to talk to actual people anywhere, so I’m going to write all this crap down instead of bending someone’s ear off over a pint at the pub. And then I’ll press publish and it’ll all be expelled from my brain, so there’ll be the normal cosy room available in there again.

They may not be as polished (HA!) as ‘normal’. Also, I’ve given these posts their own title category so you’ll find it easy to avoid them in future, and a title that is deliberately clickbait free, i.e. just a number, so as not to accidentally draw readers in.

The End.

The beginning of the end of times is still going pretty well all over the world today. We know that it is the beginning of the end of times on Earth, because people who are rich enough – by loopholing and lawyering up (‘we pay everything we are legally obliged to – but obviously as little as we can pay good lawyers to find ways to make us least obliged for’) are furiously spending what has failed to be taken off them in taxation – in ways unavailable to the rest of us honest law-abiding people – on their own space programs, to be ready to escape Earth as soon as they’ve wrung everything they can out of it.

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Meanwhile, coal still burns, oil still flows, internal combustion engines still drive, airplanes still jet about, forests are cleared for more cattle to fart and belch methane and then get 99p burgered, more roads are built, and more TV’s and computers and voice-controlled multi-room techno gadgets sit humming away on standby while phones charge, air conditioning is turned up to counter the heatwaves caused by much too much air conditioning being on, and world leaders fly to the UN Glasgow COP26, chased by lobbyists trying to get them not to commit to too much climate crisis mitigation and controls that harm the money-making aspects of wrecking the Earth.

But never mind, eh? In the UK we are World Leaders. The PM keeps reminding us when he speaks about anything his Government does, or at least promises it will be doing at some stage, the UK is still World Leading. We’ve always been World Leading, ever since the days when we literally led a third of the world in chains, relocated them elsewhere and made them work for us for free so we could be richer. If they made a fuss, we shot them dead. That’s leadership.

Then we led the world in inventing all the first carbon-smoke belching machinery, and many factories to put them in – making things that we didn’t know we wanted yet so we had to be made to want – that the rest of the world would then take forward and develop into all sorts of even better fossil fuel burning technologies in even more factories, making more goods to be made to want globally.

All the progress towards the point we now find ourselves at, having got used to living for longer and in a more comfortable, plastic wrapped, technological and unnecessarily softly-furnished world overall, have been led to by Britain.

We started it, so we’ll likely be there or thereabouts to finish it.

New oil field licences granted, fossil fuel extraction and exploration subsidised, airport expansions, sleight-of-hand emissions accounting to make us look as good as possible, all while encouraging all the citizens to be carrying on as normal and not wanting to interrupt the flow of cash; these are World Leading things, as most nations appear to be doing exactly the same. The science is now 99.9% certain that it’s not going well at all and getting worse, not better, and still no one seems to feel like it’s urgent enough to muster any will to change anything yet.

COP26, the last chance for the Earth to avoid the end, is being led, organised by, and held, in Britain. So the chances of anything good coming out of it, except more platitudes and propaganda, are roughly nil.

I hope you are having a good beginning of the end too.

Please excuse my generally miserable countenance. I’ve just heard last night that my brother-in-law – a man who I actually went to school with many years ago, so have in fact known for longer than his wife, my sister, has – has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease yesterday, so I’m just pissed off with the world in general today.


6 thoughts on “overflow; one

  1. It is extra miserable when our closest friends and family are suffering from things that may even have a connection to that larger environmental crisis. (I’ve been dealt some similar blows in the last month and they seem to keep coming.) I will raise a glass to your brother-in-law here in this two-person pub where railing against the greed-driven apocalypse in progress happens on a daily basis. Right now, at this hour, it’s a two-person cafe, but we rail and lament over our tea too, so I raise a cup instead.

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    1. Yeah, it’s been a blow, but we’ve had a chat today and compared currently incurable disease disabilities… in a typical black humoured way. A glass raising meet up is planned.

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  2. The sad fact is that the only people who care are the only ones who can’t do anything about it. The ones who can, won’t. And I’m so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law–that’s shite.

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    1. Yeah, it was a shocker… he’s been having symptoms that were hard to pin down for about six months and I think this was the worst diagnosis from the possibilities as they were going through the process… but it takes many forms and has different speeds of attack, so we’ll deal with what he’s got, as he needs it.

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    1. Yep, it’s all shit, just the depth varies. I believe the trick is to take no notice whatsoever of any of it, which is hard when you are a sensitive soul like me… I’ll get back to pretending to be the insensitive soul called bryntin…
      Thank you for sympathies, appreciated.

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