On a previous blog, I used to do something called a BLT.

Not a Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, but a Blog Leap Tour. But, it was inspired by the Kevin Bacon (hence incredibly clever BLT double meaning) and ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ trope.

This is as close to a BLT as you can find on Pexels. If there is bacon in there, it’s obviously not enough, as you can’t see it.

The idea was to do a random blog tour based on picking one of my blog followers own posts, clicking on the avatar of the sixth ‘like’ on that post and then going to that blog, picking the sixth one on their latest post and so on, for six leaps in all. I wrote a quick summary and provided a link to each stop, and then moved on to the next, recording a rough imaginary ‘mileage’ for my tour too.

Each tour was quite a lot of work to prepare and post, but it became a popular thing (disclaimer: popular within the context of a bryntin blog is ‘more than ten views’), and I know some of you are reading this because of being pinged, and ‘discovered’ by me, on one of those tours.

So, I liked the idea of that convoluted reasoning for blog discovery, but still with some form of anarchic unpredictability for where it took me. However, rather typically, I didn’t like the hard work element, so it hasn’t survived me being reincarnated.

So I have had a sawn-off, alternative and much less work ‘tour’ version idea.

WordPress users will be familiar with the WordPress Reader, the summary interface and listing of your followed blogs, and place to search for blogs on your own search terms. You can also read a blogger’s full posts in it, without the distraction of, as I have written about before, the formatting, styling and actual overall design of a writers blog site, as they intended for it to be seen.

When you get to the bottom of reading a post in the Reader, there is a section called ‘More on WordPress.com‘, which is where I think we run into one of those mysterious things called ‘an algorithm’. This algorithm wants you to read further posts on WordPress that are meant to be somehow related in some mysteriously-computed, mathematical fashion — probably involving inverse square roots and the number you first thought of — to the post you have just read.

So, I thought, I could simply visit, and then pass on to you, the two posts that WordPress have recommended that I might like, if I happened to be a reader of my last post in the WordPress Reader. Which, in this case, was a typically tongue-in-cheek — or in this case, a hammer-on-thumb — post, called a 575; diy

And I also thought — which having already had one idea today was a bit dangerous — because I am following the recommendations of a highly sophisticated automatic program thing, I would call it ‘bryntin on tour‘… or ‘bot‘ for short.

Clever, eh?

Ahem… anyway, here’s what came up this time.

BOT one: I’ve started so….

I can tell what the connection to my own post might be for one of these.

So let’s supply you with proper links first, and perhaps, after the author working hard on the appearance of their site, a little snapshot of their title header.

This blog is by Susan Morrison, celebrating the stories, history and poems of her mother, Joan. If Sue follows the pingback link, and there is a lot more to her site that I have missed with that summary, I apologise for my laziness in not digging deeper… which is not that unusual.
If the algorithm that recommends it to me is working somehow on a tenuous link to ‘poetry’, it’s all gone horribly wrong as, unlike mine, this is proper stuff.

superstardrifter is, I believe from cursory investigation techniques — that included, and were limited to, clicking the Twitter logo — really called Kristen.

superstardrifter reviews books, lots of them, which I suspect means she reads a lot of books too. I think the super-computer powered, complicated and sophisticated algorithm has picked this site for me as the title of this book review includes the word ‘bastard’, which also appears one or two times in my post. Ahem.

It’s bloody clever this AI stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if it soon takes over the world with all this spooky, almost UK Prime Minister level of cleverness.

I am glad to highlight these two posts, especially as you would have missed the chance of seeing these recommendations if you had read my post on my blog here, and I hope you can pop along to have a look to see if you like them too.

Obviously WordPress thought they might be of a similar interest to you after reading my rubbish, although please don’t be too distracted by how incredibly easy it is to find better and more interesting blogs than mine.

6 thoughts on “bryntin on tour; you may also like…

    1. Thanks, yep, I liked doing it, but heck, it took a lot more time than I can stay awake for apply to it these days. I’m hoping that this way will throw up some similar amusement, although much shorter. Perhaps mercifully so…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I enjoyed your previous-incarnation BLTs. I’m sad that they’re lost. I stole the idea from you and can confirm that they are a LOT of work.

    this spooky, almost UK Prime Minister level of cleverness

    Non sequitur. Any AI, even in our current era, is vastly superior to our current-era PM; the words ‘bumbling’, ‘incompetent’, and ‘moron’ spring to mind.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. PS: I do actually have them now (up to the point I decided to have a backup WordPress export XLS file of my old blogs back then anyway), so they’re not completely lost, however they won’t really stand republication as they are, and I can’t be arsed to rewrite them where necessary… So I suppose it’s ‘as you were’, they’re lost… 😉


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