I posted my first BOT post here, giving a full explanation of what is going on. However, if you are a new reader and don’t want to be bothered with all that reading of other posts lark, and have no bloody clue what this is meant to be about, here is a brief explanation.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com
  • WordPress recommends two new blog posts for you to read at the end of the one you have just finished, if you have read that one in the visually simpler ‘Reader’ instead of visiting the writers own blog.
  • I visit the actual blogs recommended at the end of one of my posts as it appears on the Reader, and give you a picture and a précis of it, just in case you were reading my piece in my actual blog, and therefore have no idea of what.. um… obviously related posts you could visit afterwards if you were a curious blog explorer wanting more like it. Although that’s obviously difficult to imagine.
  • We are assuming some sort of intelligent algorithm is involved in making the decisions about what those other blogs might be if you read my post — whether you actually liked my post or not — so we can have a bit of fun seeing if we can spot how the super-computer with teraflops of processing power has made its recommendations.
  • We all get the chance to visit the two completely new blogs to us, instead of just you fancy-formatting or godawful-colour-combination avoiding sorts.
  • ‘BOT’ is an acronym created by the words ‘Bryntin On Tour’, and is also in common use as the word for a non-human, internet algorithmic program type thing. Which are, apparently, at roughly the intelligence level of a particularly thick fruit fly.

BOT two; refining as we go

Having published my first introductory post for my idea, I am presented with a unique opportunity to exercise some mind-bending nonsense. Namely, I can read that introductory post in the WordPress Reader and see what it recommends we read afterwards.

Yes, I do promise not just to do this every time…

Hang on.. actually I might do this every time, because it’s starting to appeal to me in a slightly twisted way now…. a series of following where the posts that are about following the post before lead…

The word ‘promise’ two paragraphs above this is now relegated to ‘intend’, while I think about it.

Anyway, the two ‘More on WordPress.com‘ posts when reading my first BOT one in the Reader are:

So obviously — and I mean that in the most sarcastic way — with the original post containing tiny passing references to a BLT, or Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich just twice, with the rest of the about eight hundred words not mentioning them at all, and the general thrust of the piece being about something completely different, the Reader algorithm has selected two recipe posts for BLT’s.

Like we need recipes. I mean, come on, there’s more than a hint of the ‘recipe’ in just the name of the bloody things.

OK, I’ve started now, so let’s carry on. But I am rethinking the likelihood of a series of meta posts now as well, because I can see we are heading for an endless series of bloody BLT sandwich recipe posts from here on in. Bugger.

Simply Delicious: BLT Sandwiches: https://whatsfordinnermoms.com/2020/10/09/simply-delicious-blt-sandwiches/

Hang on.

There’s some sort of fancy creative element going on here.

Cooking and weaving…

Don’t panic, there is a lot more going on here on this blog other than weaving bacon, so perhaps explore a bit before jumping to conclusions, like ‘surely you can’t make anything useful by weaving with bacon?’
So, there’s a bit of Disney World visits and more personal posts on koolaidmoms blog… but there’s plenty of recipes to explore too. Loads. Like, I visited the vegetarian recipes section so now I’m considering having at least two dinners tonight.

And the next recommendation is;

Nikki’s Low Carb Cooking: Bacon Weave: https://nikkislowcarb.com/2021/10/01/bacon-weave/

Ah. Awkward.

No, hang on, there’s definitely a different angle to this. Yes, we’re still weaving bacon apparently, but Nikki is generally going for a low-carb approach to her cooking from her New Jersey home. She also has a number of books out, and looks healthy on it, so there’s obviously a good many ways of weaving bacon to keep you fit and write about.
Although, looking at the blog, this is not the only way Nikki keeps fit, but I’m not getting into any of that. I’ll stick to eating food. Fitly.

So there we are. Amazing, it feels like we only just started the post and here we are at the end already. Just the way I like blogging.

Why not join me next time when, having typed the word bacon so many times for this one, I’ll probably not use this post for my next BOT adventure now, unless anyone registers their interest in finding out exactly how many recipes for a bloody bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich there can actually be.

8 thoughts on “bot: supermeta

  1. I am very new to blogging as you probably saw by my page. I typically do a lot of my posting on my facebook group of 92,000 people but trying to branch out! I never had someone link a post and had no idea what that meant until I clicked it lol. I appreciate your link and page! i look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you for following the pingback Nikki. As you can see, it’s all a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun (as is most of my blog – well, for me anyway), and with a tenuous and fairly random premise for these ‘tour’ posts, but glad to have you following, especially if you can weave things with bacon too.


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