I decided to use the ‘575’ titling for the verses which follow the 5-7-5 syllable construction. So you can call it a haiku or a senryu if you like, but it is just a 575 verse format thing to me.

On the occasion of British Summer Time being retired tonight, to cope with the disappearing daylight of our assorted angles and spins through space, I present a 575 with the traditional seasonal content.

These days, our assorted tech means we wake up with the correct time changes done for us on all our clever, smart and connected toys and gadgets –which is just as well as it wasn’t unusual to be up to two hours early or late for everything for a week or so if you added when you were meant to subtract, or vice versa, or forgot about it entirely.

But I have only a few hours left to find the instructions for changing the microwave and oven clocks now, possibly the only thing oven and microwaves instruction manuals are saved for, once you have retained the rest of their functionality through daily use.

Luckily the clock in my car now changes automatically too –no, I have no idea how either — although it took some time to trust that everything was fine when you headed off to be somewhere at 10 am, looked to check, and all the times on your phone, your car and your wristwatch were the same… Did it all work? Or did it not all work? Is time laughing at me? Is there a blue police box anywhere in sight?

But the clocks on the kitchen stuff… what combination of buttons do you need to hold down to enter ‘time set mode’? For how many seconds? Which one then moves the number back or forward one? Can I remember how it was done from last time? Can I remember the start of this paragraph? No chance.

And you have to find the book that matches the model you currently have, as it seems to be illegal, or just impossible, to chuck out the old model’s instruction book, even if the old microwave already went to the recycling centre, possibly with a mournful looking and flashing 00:00 on its clock. Why have we got six microwave instruction books? And why is the method of changing the time different in each one? Won’t it be easier to just change the angle of the Earth relative to the Sun?


back to GMT
planetary spin remains
daylight hours unsaved

9 thoughts on “a 575; hours

  1. And once you figure things out the clocks in the kitchen will always be a few seconds off from each other… Yes. We have another week for our end of “Daylight Savings Time” but my cat is the only one who will be pleased when it comes; he knows exactly when dinner time is and we’re an hour late for him half the year.

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  2. I think that the earth’s tilting axis may actually be to blame… The answer is easy: never set the clock on an appliance that doesn’t need it. Last time I tried to set the oven clock it kept switching off after thirty minutes – that was fun AND not covered in the manual…

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