Today, I have an apology.

Some of the handful of regular readers of this blog would have been able to see and read a new post here yesterday. The post they read is not here today, and indeed wasn’t meant to be here at all until Friday.

There is no great mystery here. The post has not been the subject of a cease and desist order issued by an upset corporate entity, annoyed by the content and threatening financially damaging legal action. Nor has it been withdrawn due to the author’s embarrassment about the number of grammatical or spelling errors it contains until it is fixed – as you know, this is not normally a problem and is a feature, not a bug.

No, it is simply a function of the authors inability to schedule posts ‘in advance’ correctly. So, in a rare case of preparedness, the post was written last Friday, and then scheduled for publishing a whole week in advance. And then it appeared on Monday 1st November at 1.45 GMT. Instead of Friday November 5th.

So the post has been removed and the scheduling, if I am more awake than I was last Friday, has been corrected. Although I’m still a bit hazy on what time it’ll be. I could blame all the messing with the clocks recently, but really I think the internet clock was probably reset effectively. After all, I expect they have an app for that.

There are some people who cannot operate machinery safely, whether or not they are full of medicine that states ‘May cause drowsiness, do not operate heavy machinery’.

In my defence, I didn’t think that my laptop was overly heavy.

The post also contained pingback links, so I am not sure if the links to the originating site will be live and send the reader of it back to an error page here or not. If it does, that error affects millions and we could be catapulted into oblivion sooner than we expected.

OK, slight exaggeration. It’s actually two people and there are no catapults. Oblivion will be coming obviously, but it’ll just be returning to the unknown timing schedule it was already on. And the two readers who had their blogs linked to will come here, find the blank page or error and think that some feckless idiot is playing some sort of joke on them. Which is obviously a fair summary of events from their point of view.

So, there we go. I apologise.

Normal faultless and entertaining blogging will be resumed soon. Or will commence. One of those.

8 thoughts on “edgeways; missing the post

  1. I saw the pingback a few days ago, read the post, meant to leave a thank you, but was otherwise disturbed by the talk of mince pies and brandy cream. I came back today and couldn’t find the post. Fortunately, I kept the WordPress email notification which took me back to your blog, where I scrolled down to this post.
    Yes, if anyone clicks the pingback, there’s an error now, but I’ve removed the link.
    But my main question is – is this a new blog of yours? I don’t recall seeing it before. Or am I just losing the plot?

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    1. Oh god, I’m scattering the web with deadly links… and dead blogs… sorry. 😉

      Thank you for being so patient, visiting, following and explaining Hugh.

      Yes, skipped gear is new vehicle for largely the same old stuff, that I will probably eventually delete and send the way of O4FS and scribblans before it, if I get caught short on the meds and go a bit funny again – which is one way I can be funny I suppose.
      Full explanation of my weaknesses here if you want it…

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      1. Thanks for the link to your post. I’ve always said – blog/write when you feel like doing so. Never force yourself to write/blog. It should always be about enjoyment and never become a chore. If it does become a chore, take a good step back and look at what you’re doing. You did that, so well done for doing so.

        As for the previous pingback – no worries. These things happen. I’m honoured that you thought about my post that included a pingback to it.

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