I published my first BOT post here, giving a full explanation of what is going on. And then, perhaps unwisely but definitely unbidden, I did another one here. If you are a new reader and don’t want to be bothered with all that reading of other posts lark — even though I’ve made it as simple as I can to find them — and still have no bloody clue what this is meant to be about, here is a brief explanation for you typical modern media consumers.

  • WordPress recommends two new blog posts for you to read at the end of the one you have just finished, if you have read that one in the visually simpler ‘Reader’ instead of visiting the writers own blog.
  • I visit the actual blogs recommended at the end of one of my posts as it appears on the Reader, and give you a picture and a précis of it, just in case you were reading my piece in my actual blog, and therefore have no idea of what related posts you could visit afterwards, if you were a curious blog explorer wanting more like it. Although that’s obviously difficult to imagine.
  • We are assuming some sort of intelligent algorithm is involved in making the decisions about what those other blogs might be if you read my post — whether you actually liked my post or not — so we can have a bit of fun seeing if we can spot how the super-computer with teraflops of processing power has made its recommendations.
  • We all get the chance to visit the two completely new blogs to us, instead of just the fancy-formatting or godawful-colour-combination avoiding sorts using the Reader.
  • ‘BOT’ is an acronym created by the words ‘Bryntin On Tour’, and is also in common use as the word for a non-human, internet-based, algorithmic program type thing. Which are, apparently, at roughly the intelligence level of a particularly thick fruit fly.

BOT: three

Regular readers may have spotted that I’ve reverted to using a number for the title, or at least the number written out in words. I have quickly come to the conclusion that quite a considerable number of processing cycles could be saved by simply no longer struggling to think of a clever title, and making each post one number higher than the last one.

Any opportunity to save trying to be clever about things is generally taken here.

Of course, that does open the door for everyone to shout in unison ‘Well, why don’t you just not post anything at all, that would take even fewer processing cycles?’, but that’s just rude and not entering in to the spirit of things really.

On my last BOT post — that was another chance to go and read that one that I assume you didn’t take, so we’ll just plough on eh? — I speculated that I may do the series by reading that last BOT post in the Reader to obtain the two posts for the next one. The slightly meta nature of doing this appealed to my tiny mind.

However, I hit a glut of BLT sandwich recipes on the last post, and I did rather think, if I had decided to read that post in the Reader, that the algorithm would recommend even more of them. It also happened that the two recipe posts involved weaving using the bacon, so there was a good chance that the word weaving could be involved in the two further reading posts. Which could have left me with a bacony basket case for the whole concept.

But no. Apparently the sophisticated algorithm has ignored the approximately twenty eight uses of the word bacon and seven uses of the word weaving and wants to focus instead on the one use of the words ‘blog tour‘.

So we will go with that, and the slightly twisted concept of visiting the posts recommended by reading the last post about visiting the posts recommended from visiting those posts remains, and looks set to be in place for the next post about visiting the posts recommended by reading this one, which is about visiting the posts recommended by reading the last one about visiting posts recommended by reading the one before.

So here are the two posts recommended for further reading.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-13.png

Link: https://michelesomerville.blog/2021/09/13/of-coffee-shares-link-parties-writing-challenges-and-other-lovely-things/

So Michelle’s post here is a meditation on her reasons for blogging and the enjoyment she takes out of being part of a worldwide community by reading blogs from writers all over the world, which I am sure we can all understand. This post has a few links to other bloggers she likes to follow as well, so this whole tour thing can be continued from there if you like.

Michelle is in Onset, Massachusetts, which demonstrates the long distance connections thing she mentions nicely from here in Cornwall, UK.

I think this post is also in response to a few link share ‘parties’ as well, so the meta is definitely strong in this one.

Link: https://hughsviewsandnews.com/2021/10/04/are-you-struggling-to-get-people-to-your-blog-these-7-free-methods-will-help/

Ah, Hugh. A WordPress legend for many of us, mainly for his superb How To’s and general blogging advice and tips posts, but he also writes a lot of his own flash fiction, which you should explore from here as well.

The post on the link is a typically thorough post about how you might get people to come to visit your blog if you are struggling to find followers. It contains a lot of tips that might be useful to a blogger that only currently has just 41 followers, only about fifteen of whom seem to be real people and repeat offenders visitors. The others have names like ‘multipleincome77’ or ‘bellyflatextreme’ and have only been seen the one time they were apparently moved to press ‘follow’.

There are seven tips, so let’s just check if I’m doing everything right.

  1. Not really
  2. Nope
  3. Yes! That’s what we’re doing here.
  4. No
  5. Definitely not
  6. A few
  7. The word ‘challenge’ indicates it’ll be too challenging for me

So there you go, I’ve read it and found I don’t do many of them, so I only have 41 followers. If you want to know how you can easily do better than me, and what the answers above were all about, you’d better visit Hugh’s post.

I can think of another tip though;

8: Try not to keep self-destructing over the years, and then reincarnating yourself and starting from zero again.

I know, I know, the post is over with quite quickly when there are only two links (as opposed the six I visited on the old BLT ones), and the write-ups aren’t exactly in-depth, but that’s because you should be off and reading them yourself instead of hanging about here.

And doing six is much harder work.

Why not join me next time, when I will be visiting two more blogs that you could have visited yourself if you read this post in the Reader?

I don’t think that would be one of Hugh’s tips…

2 thoughts on “bot: three

  1. I think I follow Hugh on my personal Tweeter. I have no blog tips aside from despairing that I’ve been blogging for over six years and I still have fewer followers than a 12 year old on Tiktok. Oh well, what else would I be doing on a Sunday morning?…

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