On June 7th 2021, I posted one of my first skipped gear pieces. As newer followers might expect from what they have read so far, it lacked any gravitas at all and was basically a lightweight parody of the many lists of blogging advice you might see elsewhere on this platform and others.

The post was called ‘three easy tips to get Followers and Likes on a new blog‘, and that is a different colour because it’s a link, if you want to go off to read it.

But of course, you probably haven’t clicked that, so in summary, I tagged the post with some words which I (mostly jokingly) recommended people used themselves, just to prove that they would work for boosting your follower numbers and getting likes, even if probably not gain you actual real readers.

This, I made out, was probably important to people who might be in my position of just starting out afresh, so they could see some numbers starting to appear on their stats page and follower widgets.

On the occasion of a new like for this post just popping up in my notifications, I was curious and thought I would revisit the post to see how it’s doing.

I see one of these likes pop up for it every now and then, and I smile wryly to myself as the accompanying email notification pops up on my screen too, saying –

realwellnessclub liked your post on skipped gear. They thought your post ‘three easy tips to get Followers and Likes on a new blog’ was awesome. You should go see what they’re up to. Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!’

Which, as we all know, is bollocks in this case, because what the post actually contained about the likes of ‘realwellnesclub’ is advice to tag your posts with…

weight loss’ – guaranteed followers from the fitness, nutrition and vitamin selling communities, and don’t worry, they won’t come back to see if you have been successful with your weight loss efforts that you didn’t even write about in the first place.

‘lifestyle’ – likely to gain you followings from yoga teachers, wellness, positive thinking and mindfulness gurus and various healthy eating practitioners–or at least, promoters of same with something to sell.

Looking at the statistics page’s insights section show that, for pretty much every normal post on here where I haven’t used my own tongue-in-cheek advice in this tips article, I get the massive average of:

Whereas this post, which at the time was only the third one published here when I had one follower (me) and was furnished with the tags ‘lifestyle‘, ‘weight loss‘ and ‘satire‘ (that last one being most important), has now reached:

Some of them will recognise their avatars, and are indeed real people and still valued regular visitors, commenters and followers (who read it and got the joke too), but the vast majority, who apparently also elected to follow the blog, probably weren’t here at all and have not been seen since.

Not only that, but an update post to that one, ‘followers’, tagged with the same words, has gained another 15.

So it’s good to see that the post and tags are still working hard on increasing my following, and more importantly, showing bloggers –particularly new ones who worry about such things– that the huge follower numbers you see displayed on other blogs are not anything to beat yourself up about if yours are still pretty low. Or even as low as mine.

More than half of them –the majority in fact– are as likely to be the sort of unreal or simply insincere chancers that this lot are.

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