I published my first bot post here, giving a full explanation of what this new series is about. And then perhaps unwisely, and definitely unasked, I’ve continued to do more since.

If you are a new reader and don’t want to be bothered with all that following links and reading of other posts —even though I’ve made it as simple as I can to find, and reading other posts is what we’re doing here– and would like at least a some inkling of what is going on, here is a brief explanation.

  • WordPress recommends two new blog posts for you to read at the end of the one you have just finished, if you have read that one in the visually simpler ‘Reader’ instead of visiting the writers own blog.
  • I visit the actual blogs recommended at the end of one of my posts as it appears on the Reader, and then give you a picture and a précis of it, as well as the link to encourage you to go off and visit it yourself perhaps.
  • We are assuming some sort of intelligent algorithm is involved in making the decisions about what those other blogs might be if you read my post — whether you actually liked my post or not — so we may speculate on how usefully and accurately that algorithm has performed.
  • We all get the chance to visit the two (possibly) new blogs to us –some of which may be relatively new and be happy to get new visitors, others more established but hopefully equally happy– instead of just the people who choose to avoid the careful formatting or tasteful design the author (me) uses on the actual blog.
  • ‘bot’ is the acronym and/or initialisation created by the words ‘bryntin on tour’, and is also in common use as the word for a non-human, internet-based, algorithmic program type… thing.

bot: four

Good news! Despite my initial fears that this series would degenerate into an endless parade of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich recipes (based on the mentions of a previous post tour series I called ‘BLT’), the last bot post provided two sites that were less of the bacon and sandwichy, and perhaps more bloggy and botty. This means we can continue with the visiting of the blogs, recommended by the Reader at the bottom of the last post about visiting blogs recommended by the Reader.

I have worked out that if you are reading this post in the Reader, you can see what posts I might visit in the next bot post, but this does assume some level of predictability to my actions that I am not entirely sure of being capable of myself, so it might not. I might choose another different category of posts of mine to jump off from now anyway, you can read why below.

This week, the algorithm has zeroed in on the ‘bot’ aspect of the preceding post in one case, and for some unknown reason, a post with a certain philosophical element. Perhaps the recommendation bot has picked up on some deep, profound and thoughtful undercurrents in my work here. Which shows how clever it is.

Anyway, here are the two posts recommended for further reading.


This is a blog by an author who asks us to call them Philo (in the apparent absence of evidence, I’ve gone with a neutral pronoun), and this post is a meditation about blogging platforms, whether your posts are to be perceived as ‘Gems’ or ‘Crap’ –well, I think we’ll not dig too deep into that– and how you can measure reader reactions, as Philo is in thoughtful mood about how you might judge the success of a blog post.

Not something I worry about, but through the time and relative distance shortening that is the internet, you might like to pop over to India to have a look. The posts here appear to be generally photographs by Philo, with some thoughtful words about their deeper ideas and thoughts raised by them.


You may recognise the photo used on this post as it appears to be one of a series of Pexels pictures I take my ‘bot’ on this post from.

You may also recognise the subject of this article, as I mentioned him myself in this post yesterday. Yes, it’s everyone’s friend, and super fast-reading admirer of your work, Sebastian…

Dwight, writer of Faded Jeans Living and somewhere in America I think, has recognised that perhaps Sebastian’s apparent superpower –that of reading posts of varying lengths and deciding that he likes them, in about the same time as it takes to put a whole custard cream in your mouth after pressing the publish button on your work– is somewhat ‘otherworldly’, or, in the face of the lack of existence of other worlds that could possibly be having any effect on our world as we understand it, probably more an automated computer ‘bot’ script written by someone in this world.

Do take a look at the rest of Dwight’s blog while you’re there. He looks to be on a journey of self-improvement in fitness and health, exercising and cooking, so he could possibly do with the encouragement from real humans as well as our Sebastian.

So I think we have come full circle on bot posts now, with the WordPress bot in the Reader recommending –at the bottom of my post about visiting posts recommended by that bot– a post about a bot.

And, as we try to think about this overall concept, and the headaches –caused by reading the word bot so much in the last sentence and thinking about if that sentence’s structure actually works– gradually subside, I think the the rules are ready to be changed.

I think my bot can now evolve –which is a whole new philosophical concept in itself– and I can explore a wider variety of site recommendations now, by using some entries in different categories here as my starting point posts.

Why not join me next time to see where I might be starting from, and more importantly, who we’ll be dropping in on next?


5 thoughts on “bot: four

  1. I think I need to reread this. And perhaps follow the links to your other ‘bot’ posts. Because I’m not clear on what it is that you’re investigating here. I do like the appropriation of ‘bot’ as an acronym for ‘bryntin on tour’… I think I may have to consider appropriating ‘post’ to mean ‘peNdantry on some tirade’, as I do seem to be doing a lot more ranting than usual at present.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not ‘investigating’ anything this time Mr. peNdantry, I’m simply making a thing of visiting the two recommended posts that the Reader shows you if you read my post in it. If you come to the blog, you don’t see these two recommendations at all. It’s just an alternative form of the old BLT’s… not quite as a contrived reason, or method, of picking the posts though (and certainly simpler to do!)


  2. Maybe Sebastian reads a bunch first, then goes back and clicks ‘like’ to fool people into thinking he’s a speed reader. But if you keep saying bot so much, the algorithm will hear you and give you more bot posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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