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If you arrived from the Reader summary via that, it worked.

Now you’re here, the actual post is down there. ↓

In some early posts, I thought I was being a bit rebellious in messing about with the assumption that a haiku structure has to be strictly of the five-seven-five syllable architecture.

But I read somewhere —ah, here it is— that, rather than being strictly tied to this precise way of putting one together, it was originally more important that the poem should be able to be spoken in one breath. The actual number of syllables ‘rule’ is just something that’s developed over time; the structure of the verse can, according to this article anyway, simply be just three lines of short – long – short.

But I chose to use ‘a 575’ as the title for the haiku-style verse category, so I have rather buggered myself up with doing anything different with them… although I have lapsed occasionally.

Rather strangely for me though –and although it still would be technically correct not to do so– I actually enjoy trying to fit my nonsense into the discipline of the 575 form. Which is typically contrary. And the following verse works for the 575 conceit, so I’ll just carry on with it for now.

count the syllables
there is no place for a six
for five seven fives

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