Welcome to another skipped gear IQ, a feature where I imagine a question to ask myself. This format is normally for giving me something to write when I can’t otherwise muster the enthusiasm or creativity required to think of anything else, but want to post something new to keep readers from thinking I’m dead. Regular readers will have spotted that this is normally by about Thursday.

Previously I have written many other IQ posts, which can be accessed from the categories widget that you can ignore over there somewhere >>
or by following the link here.

There is little evidence to think that there will be any evidence (if we were to retrospectively look for evidence) of anyone actually enjoying themselves at one of these so called ‘features’. So, I have put one of my top staff –who has been rumoured to actually have been to one of the features themselves– to investigate whether anyone at all visited the feature that definitely wasn’t there, and to report if everyone who was there –but couldn’t be there because it wasn’t– had a good time. They did of course, but I’d like him to tell you that they didn’t –because of course they weren’t there– after the investigation. Everyone else was otherwise avoiding having such a good time, by not actually organising, going to, thinking about going to, or even just walking past a similar feature of course.

You may wish to read that again, either to marvel at the clever and satirical topicality, but also perhaps to just check the syntax and internal logic actually worked.

Right, let’s get on then. An IQ.

IQ: I noticed you have been messing about with a few bits of the blog. What’s up?

I just changed the colours. Quite a few times actually.

IQ: Yes, and the header image. And I noticed you’ve changed the categories, and got rid of a few old posts. And you’ve been flirting with your old longer satirical posts again. You’ve mucked about with your About page. You are tinkering. Like a football manager who doesn’t know his best team, so keeps messing about with the tactics and personnel, if you see what I mean?

Excuse me! I am not messing about with my personnel. I’m happily married.

IQ: It’s a metaphor.

Well… OK then. Thing is, I’ve written a few different blogs, and I don’t think I’m enjoying doing this one as much as I did some of the earlier ones. Which is down to me really. I just think I’ve got too… sensible.

IQ: You what!?

Yes. I know, but I feel a bit bogged down again for some reason. Unbelievable politics, pandemic, burning planet, other humans… the real world keeps creeping in here. And it’s bloody Christmas. It’s mentally wearing every year to avoid as much Christmas as I can, you know? It brings on my Trivial Over-Sentimentalism Syndrome, and you know how much that makes my big toes ache.

IQ: It certainly would be a really great time to do some more political satire again, surely? But… you haven’t got that deleting feeling again, have you?

Well, if I do, at least you’ll feel nothing.

IQ: !

I wonder how you’re pronouncing that… Anyway, no, I’m going to take a break, not to stop, just take some time out. Maybe a week, maybe a month. Hopefully I’ll come out the other side, and with a bit more… something.

IQ: So we’re going to spend some quality time together?

Of course. You’re all I’ve got really. You need nurturing. Nothing but tea and custard creams for you.

IQ: I love you.


Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “the skipped gear IQ; break

  1. I hope the break helps! TOSS is serious business. May you weather the holidays in good health and relative sanity.


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