Following on from the announcement of the death of Bryntin last week, we are happy to unveil a new avatar image for the skipped gear blog.

Bryntin’s previous profile picture, a plain dark hexagon on a whitewashed brick wall, with included ‘tiny print joke’ (as explained in this post), has been retired, as has the author name of ‘bryntin’, which is mainly due to him being dead.

Having the password to the blog and his WordPress account, and changing it so he can’t get in again should he somehow be revived, reincarnated, or sent back for a refund, has been most helpful.

In other news, the Twitter account ‘akabryntin‘ has also been deleted. He didn’t really have much to say. Well, nothing interesting anyway.

It was felt that a more appropriate image would be desirable, with perhaps an easily identifiable motif that would speak to the identity of the blog in a more straightforward way.

So here it is.

Just in case you are finding it hard to interpret, it is, of course, a skip full of gears.

11 thoughts on “new profile pic

  1. I have to admit that I’m having trouble keeping up with all these name changes. And though it’s rather chuckleful, it does make me wonder how many people are sharing the inside of your head, my friend.

    I’m having trouble getting my virtual tongue around the name ‘skippedgear’. I think I’ll address you as ‘Bear’ from now on – unless you object?

    In other news, the Twitter account ‘akabryntin‘ has also been deleted.

    Heads-up: your Gravatar still links to the deleted akabryntin account.

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    1. A name will be forthcoming, once the war for personality dominance has been won by one of them. And Bear isn’t real either, so perhaps we can all go with just ‘SG’ for now.
      Sorry about the dead link on Gravatar. As usual, none of this could be used as a textbook example of ‘joined up thinking’.

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      1. ‘SG’… hmm… yes, that trips more skippingly, I don’t object to running with that. But don’t be surprised if I get you mixed up with someone else; you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

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        1. At least one of us would hate that. An update to that state of affairs will probably be coming at some stage, or it might not, but the planets will still spin and England will have more batting collapses in the Ashes.


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