a 575: diy

I was doing a light diy task yesterday, installing a picture hook onto a wall. Do you like the use of the long word 'installing'? It makes the task seem somehow more interesting and complicated than it was. Anyway, at one stage of proceedings, I found I had accidentally composed a 575 verse. Poetry is … Continue reading a 575: diy

overflow; one

This blog normally supplies a steady, water-torture like drip of nonsense, seemingly disconnected from the real world. Sometimes there is a blockage in the gutter which is ranty-shaped and interrupting the flow. overflow posts are not really the normal staple for here, but are satisfying a need to get a good old moan out of … Continue reading overflow; one

the skipped gear IQ; hidden

Welcome to the skipped gear IQ. This is the first paragraph, where I normally write an explanation of the skipped gear IQ posts, as if I am explaining what's going on here for first-time readers that are new to the blog, when in fact there are normally no new readers at all and it is pretty much wasted on you masochists that are always here anyway.