a 575; he went

Ahhh... Meat Loaf. Haven't listened to him for many years, as my now very debatable early-teenaged 'taste' in music moved on from parent-annoying epic guitars and power wailing. Parent-annoying was the main object of the exercise in shutting myself in the bedroom and continually playing the Bat Out of Hell album I expect. But, as … Continue reading a 575; he went

verse: now zen

I am reading and learning more about the philosophies of Zen and Taoism at present (which, I've already learned, is really the only time you can do anything). It has proved a welcome window to open, enabling a vital mental escape route from an extremely noisy world. I'm not interested in any religion, or any … Continue reading verse: now zen

a 575; anarchy

I decided to use the ‘575’ titling for the verses which follow the 5-7-5 syllable construction. It saves getting hung up on whether they are, technically or stylistically, one particular sort of 5-7-5 syllable defined verse style or another.